Commitment to innovation

Keter Plastic is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of resin-based household and garden consumer products. With a focus on innovation driven by consumer insight, Keter provides an impressive range of furniture, storage and organization solutions. Each and every Keter product is thoughtfully engineered to combine the durability of plastic, attractive design and unparalleled functionality. Our ongoing commitment to simplify and enhance the daily lives of consumers has been key to our global success..

Award-winning design

Products by Keter Plastic have been recognized with a number of prestigious international awards, including four Red Dot Design Awards, and the Best of Design Award in 2014. In Israel, Keter won the Export Award of Israel, which is granted for exceptional and decade-long contribution to Israeli export. It was the recipient of this award in 1991 as well as 2013, making it the first exporter ever to win the award twice. Keter Plastic has also won the Israel Superbrands award in 2014 and 2015, and the 2009 Atir Award for excellence in sustainable industrial design.

A proud member of the Keter Group

Keter Plastic is part of the Keter Group, a global enterprise that has been active for over 70 years. The Group operates 18 factories and two distribution centers in nine countries, and currently sells to over 100 countries around the world, maintaining sales offices in the majority of these markets.

Keter's products have been internationally recognized with product patented and design awards such as the: Red Dot Design Award (2010, 2011 &2013), ID Annual Design Review (2010) and DIY Product of the Year (2010).

With this impressive global production footprint and even broader global sales support, the Keter Group is able to offer flexible logistics, faster time to market and greater responsiveness in customer service. The Keter Group distributes to 25,000 retail outlets globally, including nearly all of the top 250 retailers worldwide - with many of these relationships dating back more than 25 years.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our sustainability policy reflects our commitment to address the pressing issues in our industry and highlights our big ambitions.

"We're serious about sustainability. We are already the industry leaders in the use of recycled materials. But we want to aim higher.

We aim to double our use of recycled materials to 80% by 2028.

We know this is a big ambition and we will only achieve it through working together with our customers, consumers and other partners"

- Alejandro Pena - Keter Group CEO

Our view on plastics

We don't produce single-use plastic products. Our products are designed to last a lifetime, and have minimal impact on the Earth, whilst still meeting consumer's expectations.

Sustainability goals:

  • we aim to double the use of recycled materials to 80% by 2028
  • where possible, we are transforming landfill waste into products that play a meaningful role in people's lives
  • we create a number of zero-waste, 100% recyclable products
  • we are a responsible manufacturer: we strive to reduce our operational footprint at all of our offices and factories.
    Many of our factories use solar power and we are part of the Waste Free Oceans family - working with them to raise awareness of the problem of plastics in the ocean.
  • we are respectful of our people and the communities we work in