Anyone who has or knows kids is fully aware that as cute as they might be, they come hand in hand with messes. There are always toys scattered on the floor, along with shoes and clothing. Having kids, however many there may be, as well as lots of toys, does not mean there needs to be a constant mess. There are ways to keep things in order at all times. You simply need to have the right attitude, and the right equipment. Here are some of the best ways to store kids’ toys.


    Many people seem to have shelves upon shelves in their playrooms, except they are almost always empty because the toys constantly end up on the floor. That is inefficient and can be extremely frustrating, both for the parents who need to clean up after their kids and for the kids who have a hard time finding their toys. Though shelves can be great for certain things such as books, they are less helpful for objects like blocks, Legos, and even puzzles. In order to keep things organized you need to purchase a number of storage boxes and label them. Each category will have its own box and be kept there. Even if the box gets messy you will know that it all goes together. It also makes cleanup much easier. Everything gets thrown back into its designated box.


    Large toy boxes may be practical for very large toys that do not fit anywhere else but they are far less efficient for smaller items and toys that consist of several pieces. Things get lost, are hard to find, and are not easily accessible for the kids. Invest in a drawer or box system  which can efficiently divide the toys into their own spaces. This way the kids can get them without having to ask you and they will know where everything goes. 


    Most toys should be easy for the kids to reach. However, there are always some toys that are less appropriate for younger kids that you want to save for special occasions, or that require supervision. Such toys and games need a special shelf or area that is high and hard to get to, but safe. 

    When you have a smart system for storing your kids’ toys, everyone wins. You get to enjoy a clean house, your kids are able to play in a neat environment, things are found with great ease, and you spend much less time tidying up. 



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