What would life be like without the beauty of plants and flowers to brighten our lives? We won’t even begin to get into the benefits of plants for the environment, medicine, and in the integral part they play in the mystery that is Mother Nature.

    Quite simply, plants and the like appeal to an intimate part of our human nature that makes us feel good and thankful for what we have. It is for this reason that we want to surround ourselves with plants and the perfect home for plants is a  planter.


    Planters can be either hanging or floor or counter/table planters depending on their size. Plastic planters are very practical as they are hardy, come in a variety of colors, and are easy to maintain and care for. Hanging planters are usually used exclusively for the outdoors and are therefore appropriate for people with a yard.

    The variety of plastic planters is extensive and recent innovations have made the range of options greater than ever ensuring that there is a planter to suit every taste, every space, and every plant.

    Earth-toned colors are catered for by Keter in their range of rattan style planters made of practical, durable, and long-lasting resin. For those of you who like more vibrant colors in their lives, there is the innovative Rainbow planter that can be connected and hung in a chain.


    1. Start With the Size - plants must have an appropriately sized home. Too large a plant in too small a planter leaves the plant insufficient space to grow and too small a plant in too large a planter is visually unappealing, so select an appropriately sized planter.

    2. Watering 
    - different plants have different water requirements. Be sure not to overwater or under-water. Also, make sure you water the center of each planter to reach the entire plant.

    3. Light - the planter must be placed in an area with an appropriate amount of light for the plant.

    4. Drainage - drainage is a vital part of caring for your plants. Good planters will have either drainage holes, a potential drainage hole, or a drainage plug to regulate the watering.

    We love our plants and it really doesn’t require too much effort to care for them. The fact is that plants take care of us so it’s only right that we take care of them.




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