When everything has a place, everyone can be safe! See what creative storage solutions you can use in your home!

    Let’s face it. We’re busy and our houses aren’t always in order. Don’t risk an accident from improper storage. Here are a few storage safety tips to get your home in shape.  If you have children, consult an expert on childproofing. 



    Store in an upper cabinet close to the sink and dishwasher. Keep glasses and mugs un-stacked or hang on hooks. Plates and bowls should nest in their respective stacks. Make sure you can reach them comfortably. Keep a few non-breakable cereal bowls and cups in a low cabinet for the children to use on Saturday mornings.


    Show it off with attractive fixtures securely mounted in the ceiling. Hanging pots up is a terrific space-saver that adds an element of professionalism to your kitchen. If this doesn’t work for you, store them in a low cabinet with other bulky items.

    Small Appliances

    Blenders and food processors are best stored unplugged on the countertop, or in an under-counter cabinet.  Lifting up is safer with multi-piece equipment.


    Use drawer organizers. A wood block or magnetic wall strip are best for knife storage. No one wants to reach into a drawer and find a knife – blade first.


    Store away from food in a dedicated cabinet lined with vinyl shelf liner.  Consider a handled plastic or wood caddy for easy transport around the house.

    Fire Safety

    Don’t keep anything near the stove. Use a mounted holder for paper towels and a holder for napkins. Select wall hooks for aprons, dishtowels and potholders. Store matches and lighters in a metal box.



    Medicine Cabinet

    Install a substantial medicine cabinet and never overfill it. When meds fall out of a cabinet, bottles can open, posing a threat to children and pets.

    Shower Caddy

    Shampoos, shower gels and soaps can be hazardous if they fall into the tub. A plastic or metal caddy that hangs from the showerhead is ideal.

    Small Appliances

    Hang hair dryers and electric shavers on hooks away from water sources. Only use them in grounded receptacles.


    Small bottles scattered around the bathroom can fall and spill. Store these items in drawers, plastic containers or decorative baskets.

    Shower Tote

    Consider a plastic tote for each family member, like the students use in dormitories. Store them on a vinyl-lined shelf in the bathroom or linen closet.

    Towels and Soap

    Hang up all towels on either hooks or towel bars, and keep slippery bars of soap in non-breakable soap dishes.




    With a colorful variety of lightweight containers you’ll have no more toys and clothes on the floor. Young children love to sort, and will soon make a game of filling one basket with socks and another with action figures.


    Anchor shelves to the wall to prevent tipping. Make sure children’s shelves are low. Place your heaviest books on the bottom.


    An organized closet is a safe closet. Secure poles and shelving units to provide ample space. Remember to store heavy items like suitcases, low, and lighter items like hats and handbags, high.

    Fragile Items

    Store china in zipped vinyl cases with dividers for plates and cups. Use bubble wrap to protect decorative items like vases. Never “nest” pieces without padding. Dispose of cracked or chipped items promptly.





    Plastic containers come in holiday-themed colors for convenient storage. They have handles and their uniform size allows for safe stacking.


    Use tool chests and cupboards for tools and home improvement supplies. A pegboard backdrop with hooks can hold items like extension cords and chargers.


    Drill holes into the handles of garden tools like rakes and shovels and hang them up with twine or wire. Store large quantities of bulk items like mulch or birdseed in trashcans with tight-fitting lids. Keep toxic products like weed killer in a dedicated cabinet.

    Keep your car washing and waxing supplies in 5-gallon utility buckets so they’re easy to carry out to the car. Keep washer fluid, oil and anti-freeze in a secure cabinet.


    Bicycles not in use can be hung up with heavy-duty rubber-coated cooks to prevent tire rot. Athletic equipment like tennis rackets can be arranged on hooks on pegboard. Provide storage bins or boxes for items like balls and bats.










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