Unfortunately many of us do not have gardens, and many of us that do don’t have the space we would like. Nevertheless, there is no reason we can’t have the garden of our dreams with the space we have available. From patios to small gardens, there is always great gardening potential. You just have to know what to do and how to do it. Here are some fabulous small-space gardening ideas that will make you feel like you are sitting in your own private park, regardless of its size.


    First things first, all gardens should have flowers. Aside from adding color and fragrance to your garden, patio, or terrace, it is also a great way to be reminded of the seasons. Most flowers are seasonal, and there is nothing quite like seeing them bloom. The smaller the space, the fewer types you will be able to fit, but not to worry. Less can be more. Do the most with the space that you have. You can always introduce new flowers to your garden as the seasons change.


    If you want loyal and dependable, get a plant. In all seriousness, most plants do not require too much maintenance, and though many are not colorful, they can be. Some boast colorful leaves, others have flowers. Most plants last through several seasons and can therefore constantly provide you with a green and natural vibe. Plants come in many different sizes, some which can even fit in the smallest of gardens. A plant can even fit perfectly onto a terrace when placed in a planter.


    The thing that brings many small garden owners down is that they will not be able to have trees. That is not true. Though an apple tree may not be suitable, there are many other trees, including fruit trees that can be. After figuring out your needs in terms of size and maintenance, you can pick the perfect tree for your small space.


    Though it’s not for everyone, garden décor can add a lot of flavor to a garden, however big or small it may be. If you are limited in terms of how many plants and flowers you can fit, you can consider adding some small sculptures and whatnot. They are fun to look at and add an interesting feel to the garden.

    When it comes to gardens, it really does not have to be about the quantity. Focus on the quality of the garden, what type of ambience it offers, and you will surely be satisfied. With some flowers, plants, trees, garden lighting, and of course some outdoor furniture, you will soon have a little retreat of your own.


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