Kids & Nursery

    The strength, durability, and ability to create items in a plethora of colors make plastic the ultimate material for kids’ toys and playthings. With this in mind, Keter has created a wide range of items to keep children occupied while stirring their imagination and interest.

    Keter’s playhouses come in an abundance of colors and designs and are suitable for both the indoors and outdoors. They are easy to maintain and provide children with a little world all of their own where their imagination and creativity has free reign.

    Keter’s play tables, easels, and drawing tables have been created with both the child and adult in mind. In conjunction with specially designed kid’s furniture such as chairs and stools, they provide hours of fun and ease of use for children; yet for adults, they are quick and simple to clean and maintain.

    Outdoor toys in the Keter range include slides, sandboxes, picnic and play tables, as well as other fun playthings. All of our products are built with safety as a foremost consideration.

    And Keter hasn’t forgotten the toddlers with a high quality and colorful range of plastic high chairs, toilet seats, and booster seats that are convenient for both toddler and adult.