Now that you have made the wise decision to purchase a Keter plastic outdoor shed to help create more space inside your home as well as give you the ability to keep your yard tidy and a hazard-free zone, the time has come to learn how to best organize your cabin shed.

    Throwing all your items that were lying around in other places in a willy nilly manner may mean that they are out of sight and out of mind, but when the time comes for you to actually find something that you know is in the shed, you may be unable to find it, or even worse, it may be stored in such a poor manner - under large and heavy boxes that are poorly stacked; that accessing them may be a health hazard.


    There are a number of rules of thumb to apply so that you fill your garden shed both effectively and safely.

    Following are some tips to safely organize your shed:

    1. There are certain items that you know are going to be used more frequently than others, so think ahead and store these items where they are easily accessible and closer to the entrance, without other items stored on top of them. Consequently, they are easy to remove and return to their place without disruption or danger.

    2. Fill your shed with storage on either side and a path down the middle so that stored items are easy to access and remove from storage.

    3. Pack heavy items on the bottom with smaller items on top. That way, should an item fall, it will be smaller and lighter and cause less damage.

    4. Use toolboxes, tool chests, click bins, and tool stands to protect your tools, make them easy to find, keep them away from children, and also ensure that they are not left lying around so that you can trip over them. Keter has an extensive range of hard-wearing, plastic items of this description to meet most every purpose.

    5. Use plastic boxes to store items rather than cardboard boxes. Keter plastic textile or clarity boxes will not degrade like cardboard, they are stackable, protect the items inside, and also enable you to see what is inside so that you don’t have to attach external labels describing the contents.

    So remember, buying a plastic shed is just the first step in keeping your yard tidier and safer. Think logically about how and when you are going to use the items in storage to ensure that your shed serves its purpose in the best way possible.





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