Like it or not, most furniture does not last forever. There are only so many times you can paint, reupholster, and refurbish your drab furniture. What you can do though is re-purpose it. By giving it a new purpose and a new look, you can bring it back to life. Your favorite dresser may not be able to serve as storage space for your clothing anymore, but it can be given a makeover and used for something else from a bench to a kitchen island to an entertainment center. The options are truly endless if you just put in a little thought and creativity. Here are some do-it-yourself old furniture re-purposing ideas, so grab your handy toolbox, and get to work!


    Let us begin with one of the most problematic pieces of old furniture: dressers. These useful furniture pieces receive quite a bite of wear and tear over the years and at some point their tracks just give out. Instead of constantly fighting them with repairs and touch ups, you can take matters into your own hands and give it a new purpose. There are many possibilities when it comes to dressers. Due to their larger sizes, dressers can easily be turned into something as revolutionary as a bench by removing the drawers and the top, as well as the tracks, and giving it a good old painting. Before you know it you can have yourself a quaint bench for that empty niche you wanted to fill. A dresser can also serve as a kitchen island with the right coat of paint and counter top. Yet another fabulous idea for re-purposing an old dresser is turning it into an entertainment center. Paint the dresser a beautiful and bright color and place your TV on top of it. Remove the top drawers, place shelves in the gaps, and use them for cable boxes, DVD players, consoles, and whatnot.


    Though we are entertained these days as much as we were a decade ago, a lot has changed in terms of the entertainment devices we use. Most TVs these days are thinner and are hung from the wall rather than taking up a great deal of space in an entertainment center. Much smaller structures are needed to store additional devices and games, thanks to the digital age we now live in, and so, there are fewer needs for such pieces. Why not take your old entertainment center and turn it into a life-size play kitchen for your kids or grandkids? Instead of playing with flimsy plastic kitchens they can have a cabinet-turned-fridge, oven, and even microwave to play with. You can also add a sink and paint on a stove top to the surface where a TV once sat.


    Sometimes all it takes is a couple of broken shelves to make a bookcase old an unusable, but it can be turned into other wonderful furniture pieces with a little bit of help. For instance, you can create a fantastic wine cabinet or a mirrored bar. With a few extra items, a little work, and some paint, you can have a brand new piece in no time.

    Before you discard your old furniture, especially something that has been in the family for a long time, try thinking out of the box in order to find another purpose for your old furniture. Who knows? That old thing could soon be your favorite “new” thing.




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