Your backyard may not be the final frontier, but space is. Thankfully, you don’t have to go to outer space to maximize space in your backyard.

    Let’s face it, unless you’re in the top 1% and live in an absolute mansion, no matter how large your yard, sooner rather than later it begins to feel small - especially if, like most of us, you tend to let matters slip on the neatness front. Sure, prevention is definitely better than cure, but we are usually so busy that it is easier to put things off till later. Then later becomes even later, and, well, you know how it goes. So let’s be practical.


    Out of sight is definitely out of mind, and when all your peripheral, and not so peripheral items, are in one place, it maximizes space. For example, if you have toys spread across your lawn, a bicycle in the corner, and gardening tools in strategic points of the yard, then everything looks small. However, take all these items and put them in one place and you will not only know where to find them, but they will be protected from the elements and perhaps most importantly your yard space will be maximized.

    It may seem to run against your natural instincts; however, if you put a plastic shed in your yard it will not take up space, it will create space by maximizing it. Why a plastic shed? Plastic sheds such as those from Keter, as a rule, do not require a permit from the city to construct. They are cheap, strong, easy to assemble, withstand both extreme heat and freezing cold, and come in an enormous range of shapes and sizes to suit every yard. Similarly, they also come in a range of colors to suit the color scheme of most every home.

    Now, instead of having items thrown around your yard, you can throw them into your plastic shed. It not only maximizes space in your backyard but it also keeps your yard safe from potential safety hazards.


    Once you have a shed installed you can really enjoy your yard. Grab a Keter Toscana stackable plastic chair, put up your feet and relax. Stackable chairs are an excellent space saving solution as you can use as few or as many as needed and, when stacked, they have a minimal footprint.

    Made with consideration for the outdoors in beautiful weatherproof material that replicates the look of rattan, there is sure to be a color that is perfect for your yard.

    And when the cold arrives, you can stack and pack your chairs in the shed.




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