Backyard dinner parties or BBQs have it all over their indoor counterparts. The outdoor elements, no matter how controlled add an air of excitement that simply can’t be reproduced inside. Whether it’s the local cat looking to steal a sausage or two when you’re not looking or your own dog managing to abscond with a steak, these are what good times, good fun, and great memories are made of.

    Given that summer is almost upon us and the chance to use our backyards to best effect is just around the corner. Let’s consider some of the things to keep in mind when hosting a backyard dinner party.


    As the owner of your home, your behavior will be essential in ensuring that your guests have a good time. If you are relaxed, in a good mood, and having a good time, chances are that so too will your guests. For you to have a good time, a number of elements must be in play:

    1. Your backyard must be in order. Whenever you invite guests, you want your home looking its best as it is a reflection on you and your family; it doesn’t matter where you hold the party on your premises. If your backyard is untidy, you won’t be at ease and neither will your guests. A cat stealing a sausage is funny; a guest breaking a body part because a child’s toy was left lying around is not. If you don’t have proper outdoor storage, now’s the time to buy a Keter plastic deck box. They come in all colors and sizes, they are weather proof and perfect for storing small to medium sized items.

    2. Make sure that your garden has been tended to so that you have your dinner party in a garden rather than a jungle.

    3. Prepare as much as you can in advance. Deserts and salads can often be prepared ahead of time. Marinate meats and set tables in advance.

    4. Make sure that your guests get along well with each other so there is no friction between guests. A fight at a party may be a talking point but it won’t be a fond memory.

    5. Music and lighting help set the ambiance, so make sure to take these into consideration.

    Outdoor parties in summer are great fun and planning one need not be a headache. Plan the party with fun in mind and it will be fun – just remember that planning is what it’s all about.



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