One of the great advantages of plastic patio furniture is its hardiness and durability as well as its ease of maintenance. But how do you actually go about cleaning plastic patio furniture?


    Don’t let the name scare you but Acetic acid is the only cleaning agent you need to clean plastic patio furniture.

    Acetic acid is made by mixing 1 cup of white vinegar (5% Acetic acid) with 5-7 liters of water.


    For starters, hose the furniture down to remove surface dirt, then dip a sponge or piece of soft fabric into the cleaning agent and scrub away. Rinse off the remaining solution and dry. Use a toothbrush to clean hard to get to spaces.

    To avoid having to deal with stubborn water marks, dry the furniture thoroughly as soon as you have finished cleaning it.

    Plastic patio furniture, due to it being outdoors and exposed to the elements, will require occasional cleaning. The trick is to do it as soon as you see the dirt as the longer you wait; the more difficult it is to clean. Frequent cleaning will ensure your outdoor furniture will remain both beautiful and durable.



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