Selecting furniture is never an easy task. Of course, it needs to suit your purposes and be consistent with your tastes. It must fit the required without taking up too much space and it must be practical. Similarly, it must match other design elements of your house. These are considerations when choosing any type of furniture for your home - indoor or outdoor. When selecting outdoor furniture though, you have a consideration which is also weighed for interior furniture but takes on a greater dimension for the great outdoors – choice of materials. 


    Fabric and Materials: The materials and fabrics for outdoor furniture must be able to withstand extreme elements from intense sunlight to hail and, depending on where you live, snow. It may also have to be able to withstand the not so natural elements to which we expose it such as chemicals in pool water.

    Space: From a space perspective, the quantity and type of outdoor furniture will depend on how much yard you have to play with. If you have a large yard, you can choose large pieces. For smaller yards, pieces such as Keter’s balcony sets may be more appropriate. Also, if you like to entertain outdoors, this will also affect the quantity and size of furniture you require.

    Design: From a design perspective, anything goes and it is solely a matter of personal taste. You can find outdoor furniture today to suit every taste in virtually every type of material. Of course, outdoor furniture should be comfortable and practical.

    Comfort: An element of design, comfort is ensured via ergonomic design and the use of cushions. When used together, these two elements produce amazing results.

    Plastic furniture has come a long way as evidenced by Keter’s innovative design ideas that incorporate these elements to great effect with the added bonus of the furniture being stylish, affordable, and high quality.  


    Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Wood is beautiful, but maintenance can be a problem - it is affected by the rain and sun and requires frequent sanding and painting. It may also be susceptible to insects such as termites.

    Keter manufacture a beautiful line of resin furniture featuring Trenza™ - a patented material that looks like woven rattan but has the durability and strength of molded resin. Trenza™ outdoor furniture is stylish, elements-resistant and is great for pool areas. 

    As you can see, there is much to consider when buying outdoor furniture but there is also a huge selection. Just write down exactly what you require so you are clear on what you need.




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