One of the hidden gems of a home is the garage. Not all homes have this marvelous space, but many that do are not aware of the potential. Instead, the garage becomes a dumping ground for everything and anything that cannot be dealt with inside the home. However, leaving things in the garage to accumulate does not make them disappear, it just takes up precious space. Here is how to turn your war zone of a garage into a useable and functional workspace.


    First things first, you must get rid of all the garbage. No matter what you think, if you are dumping your stuff in your garage without ever coming to get it and use it, you don’t need it. The rule is, if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it. Now, there are always exceptions, but the minute you start making too many, the whole method goes down the drain. So, start with something you know for certain that you no longer need and toss it in a pile. Next, find something else you can part with. Soon enough it will get easier and you may even find yourself enjoying getting rid of things you no longer have a need for. It can be quite freeing. You can also create a pile of things to donate or sell.


    Once you have gotten rid of all your junk, you should know what is left that still needs to be stored. Keeping that in mind, decide what you would like to use the space for. Do you want an office? A workout area? A building spot? Play space? Don’t get carried away with your ideas. After all, trying to put too much in your now empty space will bring you back to where you started. Once you have decided upon a purpose for your space, figure out how much room you will need, keeping in mind that you still have to store some things.


    Now that your garbage has been thrown out and your workspace has been set up, get a hold of some storage cabinets and shelves for storing items such as a tool box, gardening tools, bicycles, and anything else you have been storing in your garage. Put everything in its specific place and label it to keep things in order.

    Now that everything is done, look around you and appreciate what you have accomplished. Gone is the pile of useless, broken items, and in its place is a neat, enjoyable space paired with an efficient st





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