Most kids today are either being glued to the television or the computer. Between the Playstation, iPad, and all their other gizmos they are slowly turning into zombies before our very eyes. But actually, we only need to be reminded of one important point - you are the parent and they are the children; time to take authority.

    Now, there’s no doubt that children do need to be familiar with the latest technologies that are appropriate for their age but whatever happened to the good old days when the simple things in life sufficed? Are our children so different to ourselves that they wouldn’t enjoy what we did when we were their age?

    Although there is an enormous range of toys out there vying for your child’s attention, there is an enormous amount to consider when investing in your children’s toys.

    Assuming you want to steer clear of electronic gizmos, there is still an extensive range of toys that keep your children occupied whilst exercising their gray matter.


    One such option to consider is drawing tables. Drawing is a creative process that enables children’s minds to roam free and produce tangible results. These results can be nurtured and encouraged by parents.

    In the past, drawing tables were bulky devices made of wood. Although their utility was unquestioned, their monochromatic design was not really an attraction to children. Today all that has changed. Bright and colorful drawing tables of plastic are light, sturdy and easy to clean. Clever design touches such as removable cups for crayons, pencils, and the like are a nice touch.

    Plastic drawing tables come in different sizes and configurations for individual or dual use. They are easy to assemble and, weather permitting, they can easily be taken outside and used there.

    Due to technology life has become too fast and our children are growing up too quickly. You can rest assured that a return to traditional forms of play is definitely not a step backward in your child’s development; on the contrary.



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