Somehow, no matter how much we decorate our homes, there always seems to be a spot that shouts “fill me up.” Things break, fade, and go out of style, very often resulting in a need for additional home décor items. Instead of shelling out money on pricey décor time and time again, why not try your hand at a home décor DIY project? You might like it so much that you will swear off store-bought décor items from here on. Here are some creative home décor project ideas.


    You don’t have to be an artist to create a masterpiece upon a blank canvas. Go to the store and pick out an ideal-sized canvas for you. Then, choose appropriate paints, focusing on the colors you would like to use.  Finally, after sketching out an idea on a piece of paper, proceed to create your work of art. It can be a mix of colors, leaf imprints, tracings of your kids’ hands, or a self-portrait. The sky is the limit. Just go with it, and have fun!


    Frames are some of the easiest yet most practical items you can make. From buying ready-made frames and decorating them to creating your very own frame from raw materials, there is tremendous potential here in terms of creativity, colors, and styles. You can turn a simple family picture into artwork by creating a one-of-a-kind picture frame.


    This project demands a little more knowledge, time, and effort but the results will be more than worth it. A rocking chair does not simply provide a place to sit but adds lots of flavor to any room, whether it is a nursery, living room, den, or patio. You will need the obvious wood, tools, and measuring tape, but you will also greatly benefit from an organizer to keep the screws and bolts in order as well as a sawhorse or folding worktable for getting things done right.

    So much of what we have these days is commercial and somewhat impersonal. It doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be charming and beautiful. With the right amount of research and practice, anyone can attempt a home décor project and succeed greatly.



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