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      Birthdays are always problematic, especially when they are for someone who you hold particularly close to your heart. You want to help celebrate the day in the best possible spirit and to make the day as special as possible and that usually involves the purchase of a present.

      Although any birthday present recipient will say that a present is not important, the fact is that if you already go to the hassle of buying a present, you want it to be something that the birthday boy wants. And no, we’re not being sexist here by using the term “birthday boy” as this is about finding a present for your father. (Perhaps we should use the term “birthday man.”)


      Racking your brain for the perfect gift can cause you a headache and nobody wants to give a gift that has been given a hundred times before such as socks or boxer shorts. Now is the time to think outside the box - or rather inside the box. How about a gift that involves something that can and will be used for years to come, thereby acting as a fond memory of a special day, as well as a gift that will mean more to your dad than anything else in the world - the chance to spend quality time with you?

      Whether your dad is a handyman or not, chances are that they have tools that they use for those quick fixes around the house. So how about buying him a hard-wearing and long-lasting Keter toolbox? You can then use the tools to build something together.

      If your father is more technically minded and already has a toolbox, perhaps they would like a folding work table, which is the perfect accessory for the dad who likes tinkering any fancies himself as a bit of the Tim the Toolman.


      As well as the thought behind a gift like these, there will be the opportunity to spend the day with your dad outdoors building something with his present. This will be a priceless gift to both your dad and yourself.

      So, this birthday, be selfish and give a gift that will allow you to give as well as receive. Think inside the box - the toolbox; and enjoy your gift together with your dad.



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