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      Does it ever concern you that your house seems to always be untidy? Not dirty, God forbid, but untidy. If you are like the vast majority of the population, then your feelings are not unique. No matter how much we clean and try to stay on top of things in the home, it seems as though our homes always look like a war zone.

      Have you ever stopped and thought about why this is the case? OK, it’s always easy to blame it on the kids – and that’s a probably a very good starting point as well as a valid one; however, there are other reasons that your home doesn’t look as tidy as it could or should.


      Humans, by nature, are acquirers. Perhaps it is the old hunter-gatherer instinct that is still hard wired into our minds after all these millennia. We tend to buy things – and keep on buying. As far as throwing out or selling what we no longer need, that doesn’t seem to be part of our instinct. After all, there is a reason why we are called “consumers.” The effect of this never ending accumulation of goods is that we don’t have enough storage for all our purchases.

      Storage is something that is always at a premium and when we no longer have adequate or affordable storage solutions, it means that things are left lying around, resulting in an untidy home. Chances are that our existing home is too small for all that we have acquired over time. But there are solutions… enter the humble outdoor storage container.

      For some silly reason, when most of us think about the home and keeping it in order, the home comprises only the inside area. Empty space in your yard can be used to add to your quickly, easily, and cheaply add to your storage solutions.

      These days, plastic outdoor storage containers are designed to be easy to assemble, come in a large variety of sizes and colors – some even double-up as outdoor seating, are weatherproof, and are relatively inexpensive. And just because something is usually stored inside doesn’t mean that it can’t be safely stored outside.

      So there you have it, a simple solution for a not so simple problem. Now you can stop blaming the kids and do something practical to keep your house looking and feeling like a home.



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