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      Life moves at breakneck speed. Every Friday we ask ourselves the same question, “Where did the week go?” And the truth is that we don’t really know. Work, chores, kids; we are running around from morning till night trying to make things “work.” All these new gizmos that were meant to free up our time, such as computers that do the work of many and the Internet that apparently enables us to do everything more efficiently, are having the exact opposite effect. 

      But what has this got to do with the proverbial price of fish? Well, the intent was to illustrate that things change, they evolve; usually for the better but not always.


      It used to be that if you were lucky enough to have a playhouse as a child, it was one put together by your father. This involved the purchase of the wood, cutting it, nailing it together, and maybe even painting it. But how many of us had father’s (and I apologize to all the women out there, but building a playhouse was the exclusive preserve of a father) who were handy enough with their tools and had the time and patience to build this treat? Correct. And that’s why if you had a playhouse or even your neighbor did, you will have so many fond memories of playing games and make believe.

      However, even the best made wooden playhouses would deteriorate over time as the weather and other elements took their toll, eventually becoming just a memory themselves before they were eventually discarded.


      The times changed and so did materials and their application. Plastic has evolved to be a material that is used in everyday articles not just as plastic bags. And one of the big beneficiaries of the plastic evolution and revolution is the humble playhouse.

      These days, a playhouse is within the financial and practical capabilities of most people. Keter produces a range of colorful playhouses made from sturdy plastic that can take anything that the kids or the elements throw at them. Being light weight, they can also be moved from the outdoors to the indoors as the seasons change. They are easy for adults to assemble and maintain and will provide children with hours of fun and amusement where they can exercise their imagination and build memories.

      The more things change though, the more they seemingly stay the same. Kids will always be kids and it won’t matter how hi-tech the world goes, children will always enjoy going out, or staying in, and playing in their own “house.”


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