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      Today’s children are seemingly a different breed. The days when we used to ride around the neighborhood on our bicycles or play with a ball in the street or in the park are seemingly a thing of the past. Part of this has to do with “the times” - we are living in times of technological advances where children have so many more things to do with their time. Computer games and the Internet are a constant source of attraction for children. On the other hand, unfortunately children are faced with more risks when it comes to playing outside than what we faced when we were younger.

      Although the computer may help to develop the mind (depending on what your children are using it for), it has also been a great contributor to an unhealthy lifestyle. Sitting in front of a computer does not allow children to let out their excess energy or burn calories. Similarly, sitting in front of a computer does not exactly help develop social skills.

      There has been a huge growth in behavioral problems as well as growth in obesity amongst children as they are simply not getting outside enough and playing. However, what’s there to do when the parks may not be particularly safe.


      If you have some backyard space, why not invest in a home playground? That way your children will have no excuse for not going out to play and you can supervise them knowing that they are in a safe environment.

      A home park is easier and cheaper to acquire than you might have thought. The Keter Boogie slide and Elephant Trio Rocker are made from colorful but durable plastic that is not only weatherproof but also child proof. Where assembly is required, they are easy to assemble and the bright colors act as a magnet for the children. They are also easy to clean when they become dirty. A quick hose down or wipe down with a wet cloth or sponge is all they require to keep them looking brand new. And should you want to move them, it’s as easy as picking them up, or, pardon the pun, sliding them to where you want.

      We may not be able to change progress or the world but we still have options in making our children’s childhood a safer and healthier one. It won’t last forever, but our children are still at an age where we can influence their future physical and mental development; let’s not waste this opportunity.



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