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      Garden sheds are a great way of creating storage for items that you would store inside the house but perhaps more appropriately for items that are used outside your home. Think garden tools of all sizes, larger children’s toys or toys that are often used in your yard, such as soccer balls/ basketballs or bicycles, and general handyman tools. A garden shed can even be outfitted to be used as an office or work area.

      However, not all sheds are created equal.

      If you are from a particular era, you will probably have memories of sheds made from wood, corrugated iron, or if the home was rather opulent, a shed made from bricks - almost a little like the story of the Three Little Pigs. However, there is a (relatively) new kid on the block and it has many benefits over the traditional sheds. Keter plastic sheds leave the older style of sheds in their wake for numerous reasons.


      Perhaps it is easiest to just list the advantages of plastic over metal sheds as most of these advantages apply to all “competing” forms of shed:

      1. Licensing:  As a rule of thumb, all forms of shed other than plastic sheds require a permit from the city. A permit usually costs money, takes time to be processed, will require you to take a trip to the city offices, may require the regular payment of rates and taxes, and may even require an inspection by an inspector once built. All this for a shed.

      Although the permit for a shed is usually available online and much if not all of the permitting process can be done online, do you really want to have to interact with the city if you don’t have to? And with a plastic shed, you don’t have to, as it is rare that they require a permit, saving you money, time, and aggravation.

      2. Cost: Even not including permitting costs, metal sheds are more costly than plastic sheds - period! And it’s not as though they are any better than plastic sheds - on the contrary.

      3. Assembly: A plastic shed can be quickly and easily assembled without the help of a builder or handyman, a metal shed can not.

      4. Maintenance: Plastic sheds are easy to maintain. The weather-resistant material is built to withstand extremes of hot and cold. A plastic shed will also not rust over time (hint, hint).
      5. Variety: Plastic sheds come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit the color scheme of any home. A metal shed can be painted but that will require further maintenance down the track and does not come in a large variety of sizes.

      As you can see, metal sheds are a relic of the past. Isn’t it time to step into the 21stcentury?




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