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      Decking has become a very popular option in recent years. The wood used in decking is also a natural element although in a different color. At most, decking requires an annual sanding, staining, and oiling, and brings a tidy appearance to a yard. Add a pergola and you have your own little tropical corner.


      The firm foundation provided by decking makes it the perfect location for placing outdoor furniturestorage boxes, and even perhaps a combination of the two.

      Gardens with decking usually like to mix a garden setting with more practical, all-weather use that decking provides. The evolution of decking has also seen the evolution of deck boxes. Although also available in wood, plastic deck boxes offer a better alternative for many reasons.

      Plastic deck boxes come in a number of different colors and sizes to match and home and any space. They are lighter than wooden deck boxes yet no less hardy. In fact, plastic deck boxes are resistant to the harsh elements of both summer and winter.

      Deck boxes provide the perfect storage compartment for gardening tools or even items that you would normally store indoors yet may not have the storage capacity.

      Also, there are deck boxes that can also be used as seating, providing a really optimal use of space.

      Together with the trend of having decking in the yard, there has also been a strong move to adding natural elements to outdoor furniture. Rattan has become the darling of the outdoor furniture set. Classy, exotic, comfortable, and durable, it looks great in any setting. However, when exposed to the elements for too long, it begins to degrade. And, given its cost, this is a great pity.

      Plastic rattan outdoor furniture has all the benefits of natural rattan without any of the drawbacks as it is able to withstand the elements much better than natural rattan. It is also considerably cheaper. 

      So enjoy your deck together with your deck box and plastic rattan furniture.


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