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      Some things never change! Kids have always needed to be encouraged to help around the house. When television became the accepted form of entertainment, kids could be relied upon to spend hour after hour in front of the “idiot box.” Then came computers, computer games, and now smartphones and tablets. Do you notice a trend here?

      Yes, there will always be innovation and kids will always find “better” things to do with their time. But guess what, there’s a very high probability that kids found a way of “doing nothing” even when they were running around with clubs in their hands and playing with dinosaurs. And you know what, it’s not worth complaining because at the end of the day, these kids have in most cases grown up to be responsible adults and have kids of their own.


      Being part of a family with a home means contributing. Of course, we don’t expect to go out and be the bread winners or do the “heavy lifting” at home, but part of them being involved means that they should help out in ways that they are capable. This is not only important as part of making life easier for the family unit as a whole but it is also an important part of their development as human beings.

      When kids help around the house, it gives them a feeling of responsibility and belonging. It also gives them skills and a “can do” attitude that is vital for their progress. However, for kids to be able to help around the house, they have to the tools to be able to help. And just as they are not able to sweep the floor till they reach a certain age due to the physical development required and the fact that a broom is too large for them to handle, even putting away their toys is difficult if they don’t have a proper place to store them.

      Keter manufacture a range of storage boxes that make it easier for kids to put away their toys. They are not too high so your child can actually reach in to access and return the toys. They are also not too large, thereby giving children a sense of accomplishment when they fill the box to the top.

      Kids can help a lot around the home. This is great for their development and also helpful for the adults; however, they need the tools to be able to do so. So help the kids to help themselves and help you along the way.





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