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      In this day and age when everything and anything is digital, it can be impossible to convince your kids to actually play with toys and games instead of watching TV, playing on the computer, or texting on the phone. But it’s important for kids to use their minds for creative and imaginative play, develop their motor skills, and use their brains. With the right encouragement, your TV can be left untouched as your kids dust off their toys and rediscover what playing really means. Here’s how.


      Like it or not, the fast pace of TV shows, computer games, and consoles has left children quite dependent on someone or something to take the lead. By initiating game playing, your kids will be lured to the game or toy you have set up for them. Once you have them hooked, play with them a bit until you can manage to slip away. While bonding with your kids is great, being a condition for them to be able to play is far from ideal. It is not magic and will take time, but you will have something to refer back to. When the kids complain they are bored and have to watch TV you can remind them how playing with “blank” was so much fun.


      Kids love novelty. Kids also forget quite quickly. The combination of the two is great when it comes to making playing with toys appealing. Find one of their older toys that has not been played with in a while. Get it all set up and start playing with it. In no time they will come over to see what the fuss is about and it is sure to keep them away from the TV, at least for a while. Eventually they will become bored with this toy, which is when you get to do the same thing all over again with a different game or toy.


      There is no better way to get the kids away from the TV then to physically get them away from the TV! The great outdoors has a lot to offer whether it’s to play Frisbee, baseball, soccer, tennis, or just plain old catch. To keep it simple, you can just let them go play outside in the sandbox, on the slide, or in their playhouse. The idea is to be active and enjoy nature.

      Though TV is not all bad, it can create bad habits. It is important to know how and when to call it quits. Your kids will soon see that putting a limit on TV watching is not all that bad.



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