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      For those of you with a paved yard who don’t want to destroy the paving to put in a garden, or even those who do have soil coverage but want to add a touch of color to parts of their garden where there is no soil such as a deck, flower pots are the perfect solution.

      What is great about container gardening is that it is quick, inexpensive, and fun. However, using pots to garden does require a little forward thinking, so keep in mind the following tips:

      1. Be sure that the pot you use has drainage holes. As an aside, if you are using the pot indoors, make sure you place something under the pot so that the water doesn’t ruin your floor.

      2. Make sure that the pot is the correct size for the plant. Take into consideration the future growth of the plant. It’s always better to use a pot that is a little larger so as to give the roots more room to grow.

      3. Plastic pots retain moisture than possibly any other type of pot. Although there are so many sizes, styles, and colors of plastic pot on offer to suit any home or plant size – just check out Keter’s range of plastic plantersfor an example; if you still want the look of clay, simply insert a plastic container to a clay one.

      4. Plastic containers are lightweight and make moving the plant easier.

      5. Although there are numerous types of plants and flowers that will thrive in a pot, petunias, geraniums, and nasturtiums are three of the most enduring and popular choices.

      6. Don’t just look down, look up. If you have the infrastructure to support hanging planters such as Keter’s hanging sphere, they add a great touch of color as well as “play” with heights to make the garden seem larger. Similarly, stackable ivy planters allow you to build “up” as well as around.

      7. Remember that the perfect time to plant is in early spring. If you have missed this opportunity though, it’s never too late, you just have to give the plants a little more TLC to make sure they take to their new home as anticipated.

      8. Use the resources you have at hand. Your local nursery is a great place to not only all your gardening requirements but also receive advice from the experts. Nursery owners and employees are always happy to give their advice so as to help bring the beauty and tranquility that a garden adds to any home.

      So, irrespective of whether you do or don’t have soil to grow plants, you have no excuses for not having a beautiful garden this summer.


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