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      Rattan is the name that covers an enormous variety of species of palm that are native to tropical regions, mainly in Australia, Africa, and Asia. Its main use is in the manufacture of furniture - both indoor and outdoor, but predominantly outdoor. 

      All parts of rattan can be used in the manufacture of wooden furniture. The leaves can be woven to make the furniture, the stems to give the furniture support, and the inner part of the plant as wicker.


      Rattan furniture has become very popular and for good reason. For starters, rattan furniture looks beautiful and can be created in many different shapes and designs. It is strong, lightweight, durable, and flexible. It can also be stained and painted; therefore the color possibilities are almost endless. However, rattan does have its drawbacks.

      Rattan is durable - but to a point. Once processed, rattan will start to degrade if left outside for too long. Leave it in out in extremes of temperature and rattan will not last very long. This is a real pity as rattan furniture is rather expensive. Rattan has become very popular due its stylish and natural look. This has resulted in reduced supply and higher prices. For those of you looking to enjoy the best that rattan has to offer without the drawbacks though, there is a solution.


      It is rare that man can improve of nature, however, from time to time it does happen. And the manufacture of rattan furniture is one of those times.

      It is possible to find rattan dining table and chairs that look and feel EXACTLY like natural rattan but made from plastic. This furniture gives you all the advantages of rattan but without any of the disadvantages.

      Plastic rattan furniture is beautiful and comes in a range of different colors, it is also comfortable and lightweight; however, it is cheaper than comparable natural rattan furniture and is also more durable than natural rattan, as the plastic is weatherproof meaning that your furniture will  last much longer than comparable natural rattan furniture.

      It is also nice to know that by purchasing plastic rattan furniture you are helping to conserve and protect rattan forests which are being exploited for the manufacture of furniture. It seems like a win whichever way you look at it.



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